February 12, 2019 4 H Center

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Sherry Schaefer.

Sherry welcomed guests Andrew Thompson, Mark Meyer* and Jim Geiser*. *These gentlemen joined our club tonight.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion to accept the minutes as posted on the internet was made by Robin Meyer and seconded by Ben Meyer.
Motion carried, minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer Alan Bailey gave the Treasurer's Report . Richard Hitch made the motion to accept the treasurer's report as read, second by Ben Meyer. Motion carried, report approved.

Library Committee:

Ben reported that the club's library cabinet was now moved to the Banquet Hall Closet and all items were available to be checked out by members including books, Cd's and "Go-by" reference pieces

Teaching Report:

Richard Hitch discussed that the materials that had been donated for use for beginning classes were about gone. Discussion followed about the original intention for the use of the tools was for beginning TriState Carvers to use under the direction of Richard. Some concerns expressed that the tools were being used at the Newburgh Library carving sessions and have never been returned to Richard.

Show Committee:

Club members volunteering to serve on the 2019 show committee were Kathy Vonderahe, Sherry Schaefer and John Gunnels. Warren Schaefer was also asked to be on the committee as a representative of his church where the show will be held.

Thanks! To Conrad Wetzel for a donation as "seed money" to help with the 2019 show. He was designated as our first "official sponsor" for the show. Thank You Conrad!!

Old Business:

New Business:

Seminars-Steve Eli gave a report on discussions with possible seminar instructors Wayne Laramore and Rich Wetherbee. He passed around a sheet about both seminars asking for a count of those club members interested in participating in either one, or both, of the seminars.

Further information will be available at future club meetings.


RE: Seton Residence-President Sherry has been in contact with a representative of Seton Residence concerning our future use of the facility. With Sister Anthony no longer being able to be our contact person with Seton we have been informed if we wish to use the facility we will have to pay the going rental rates of $70.00 daily for seminars and a fee of $48.00 for the evening of our Christmas Party. No action on this at the present time.

Re: Conrad Wetzel- A letter was received from Conrad stating that current health conditions would be keeping him from attending meetings in the near future. Payment was received for his current membership along with a donation for a show sponsorship.


Mini Seminars- We have had mini club seminars from Jack Winkleman and Kathy Vonderahe in January and February. Frank Wildeman will be doing the seminar in March. Instructors are needed for April through November meetings. Anyone will to present a seminar please let Sherry or one of the officers know. Also, if anyone has a request for a seminar or a particular instructor and subject matter please let us know that also.

Half Pot:

The half pot was won by: Larry Adams $13.50. donated $12.50 back! Thanks To those providing items for second through seventh place prizes

Club Notes:

Bill Kelly is currently in the hospital.

Warren Schaefer reported that his church would be available to use for evening carving get togethers.

Former Club member Jasper Marshall passed away in January.


Motion to adjourn made by Robin Meyer and seconded by Ben Meyer, meeting adjourned @ 7:06 P.M.

The next meeting is Tuesday, March 12, 2018

Mini-seminar with Kathy Vonderahe to follow.

Respectfully submitted:

Steve Eli, Secretary