August 10, 2021 4 H Center

Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 P.M. by President Jack Winkleman.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion to approve the minutes for July meeting was made by Jeff Hancock and seconded by Bill Kelly. Motion carried. Minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer Jon Gunnels gave his report. Motion was made by Jeff Hancock and seconded by Ben Meyer. Motion carried. Treasurer's report approved.

Library Committee:

Library is open. Christmas cutouts are available. President Jack Winkleman put a broom and dustpan in the library for cleanup.

Show Committee:

Jeff Hancock has the show set for October 23 and 24, 2021; from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.; at the 4 H Center in the Banquet Hall. Best table presentation is a knife set from Conrad Wetzel. Sign up sheet for selling tickets at the door is up on the table. Half Pot envelope tickets, card and rules are here. Members and anyone living in the household are not eligible for Half Pot. Incentives for the most tickets sold is 50 dollars and selling the winning ticket is 50 dollars. No need to be there to win, posted on our website, and presented in an unaltered state.

Old Business:

We mentioned an upcoming auction of Don Deutsch's carving materials. This will happen early next year in 2022.

Half pot ticket's are in.

New Business:

October will be getting a nominating committee together for officers for November.

Election of officer's are in November.


Rich Wetherbee seminar. We currently only have 8 people that have shown an interest. They are Jack Winkleman, Kathy Vonderahe, Steve Eli, Neil Ward, Phil Adkins, Roy Kline, Bill Kelly, and Danny Conley. If there is no-one else who wants to be involved in this seminar we will post it for Belleville and Tennesee Clubs.

Upcoming mini seminars include: Tonight- will be a 2021 mini seminar follow up. Sept. will be Kathy, Oct. will be Jack and Nov. will be Robin offering a mini seminar on woodburned ornaments.

Show and Tell:

Roy Kline showed his spoon door rest and wicked witch of the west. Frank Wildeman showed his trees, pinecones, spoons, Christmas Ornaments which were tree, santa, wreaths, and poinsettas. Kathy Vonderahe her spoon with a snowman on it and pengiun eggs. Marvin Daniels showed his walking sticks and his little carved men.

Half Pot:

I am so sorry but I missed who won half-pot this month.


Steve Eli made the motion to adjourn and was seconded by Ben Meyer.

The next meeting is Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Thank you to all who helped out with all the mini seminars this month.

Respectfully submitted:

Robin Meyer, Secretary