April 9, 2019 4 H Center

Call to Order:

Meeting called to order by President Sherry Schaefer.

Sherry welcomed back Gene Sutton who has been on the injured disabled list for several months. Greetings also extended to Don Deutsch and Jeff Hancock.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion to approve the minutes of the March meeting as posted on the club's website was made by Jeff Hancock, seconded by Robin Meyer, Minutes approved by unanimous vote.

Treasurer's Report:

Motion was made by Ben Meyer and seconded by Robin Meyer to approve the Treasurer's report given by Treasurer Alan Bailey. Treasurer's report approved by unanimous vote.

Library Committee:

No Report

Show Committee:

No Report

Old Business:

*The club's show date will be Saturday, October 19, 2019. The vendor that provides wood for sale at our shows has a date conflict for this year. Attempts are being made to find a replacement.

*The 2019 Club Christmas Party will be at The Salem United Methodist Church.

*Steve Eli reported that plans are continuing for the Wayne Laramore carving seminar in June. We still have a couple of spots open for any others interested. Steve also reported that Rich Wetherbee would like to return to do a seminar possibly in October.

New Business:

Received word that the Master Gardener's Club of Evansville is trying to get in contact with our club so we could have members at their annual show displaying various aspects of wood carving.


May mini-seminar-presenter scheduled is Ron Tucker carving a boot. Volunteer presenters are needed for June through November. Suggested seminars would be appreciated as well!

Half Pot:

The half pot was won by Steve Eli.


Motion was made by Robin Meyer and seconded by Ben Meyer and "thirded" by Jeff Hancock. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting is Tuesday, , 2019

Jack Winkelman did a presentation on sharpening carving tools that was well presented and appreciated by those club members present. There is a copy of the CD Jack used as a reference in the club's library. "Sharpening Simplified" is available for check -out.

....................CLUB NOTES....................

*April Birthdays- Happy Birthday Alan Bailey!

* Thanks! To club member Jim Acksel for the donation of a pop-up canopy for use by the club.

*Dan Aldredge reported that former club member Rick Durgy has passed . Condolences to his family.

*Elvin Reed provided copies of Chip Chat magazines free for the taking!

Respectfully submitted:

Steve Eli, Secretary